Sunday, October 21, 2007

My Life's Worst Experience In Holidaying

This One Resort In Langkawi Which I Truly Never Ever Recommend.... The Malibest Resort.

I had this one short holiday in Langkawi recently. I pack up as usual and head towards to Langkawi via a short feri through Kuala Kedah.

Upon reaching Kuah, the main town of Langkawi, I rented a car from a car rental and headed to Pantai Chenang. This is the concentrated beach front area where most tourist would stay.

I checked in to a resort called Malibest Resort.

The receptionist who entertain me was not as what a tourist would expect. No greetings and unwelcome speech! I discussed with my wife on whether to proceed ahead with the stay in the resort and we agreed to go ahead.

We thought of saving the hassle to find another resort but that was a wrong decision. Due to our laziness to scout further for other resorts, we were terrified by the unpleasant treatment by the resort staffs and by the cranking sound in the toilet!

The problem started when I came back from dinner. It was raining heavily. The distance from the 'lobby' to my room is quite a distance without any shed. I tried to borrow an umbrella from the receptionist. Here's the short conversation with the 2 receptionist:

Me: Can I borrow an umbrella from you?
Receptionist 1: We don't have any umbrella here.... All guest who borrow never return.
Me: Why are you trying to hint to me that I am like one of them? I am asking for help and I am a guest in this resort.
Receptionist 2: We are not a 5 star hotel. We don't provide extra service like that. Why don't you go down the road and buy?
Me: How about I think this is by far the worst conversation experience with a receptionist I have encountered in my life. How on earth could your management have you people manning the reception? What a shame!
( I walked away while they mumble something nasty in their own languages)

I was furious of course.

I tried to control my emotion and went back to get some towels to cover my wife and my kids. By the time I came back to get them, I was almost half soak with rain.